How to control OnScreenKeys

OnScreenKeys comes into action when the normal computer keyboard cannot be used.

The following input devices can be used:

  • Touch-sensitive screens
    E. g. Touchscreen/Tablet-PC

  • Mouse
    If the user can still move the computer mouse but cannot press down the mouse buttons, OnScreenKeys's auto-click (dwell click) will automatically click the mouse button or key on the keyboard after a definable time period.

  • Eye tracker
    A camera notices where the eyes of the user are looking at. Blinks of the eye or simply staring at one position for some time causes a click or the pressing of a button.

  • Head mouse
    A camera notices in which direction the user moves his head. OnScreenKeys triggers a click or a key press at the desired position after a certain dwell time.

  • Mouth mouse
  • By the use of a mouth mouse, the mouse pointer can moved to the wanted position on the screen. The click is done automatically by OnScreenKeys.

  • Simple switch/ button (with Mouse Scanning)
  • In mouse scanning mode, a line moves from the top to the screen to the bottom of the screen. By triggering a click, the desired row is being highlighted. Afterwards, the desired vertical position ("Column") is selected by the same procedure.