Smart On-Screen Keyboard

OnScreenKeys provides a highly advanced and yet easy to use virtual keyboard that enables anyone with a disability to quickly and easily type text into any text field on the computer screen by just moving the mouse pointer over the keys of the virtual keyboard.

This virtual keyboard comes with an automatic "double word prediction", that allows typing text even easier than on a normal keyboard. To accelerate the procedure of typing, the 10 most probable words will be offered for selection even after one character was typed on this virtual keyboard. The software adapts to your writing style and adds new words automatically to the dictionary.

Mouse click function

OnScreenKeys provides an integrated mouse click function which will enable any user to do mouse clicks on their own, even if they are no longer able to press the buttons of a normal mouse.

Voice output

OnScreenKeys provides a realistic sounding virtual voice which can be used to speak out loud any text that was typed on the keyboard.

Multiple languages

One speciality of OnScreenKeys is multilingualism: With a simple click you can easily switch between over 40 different languages and use them in parallel. This way you can quickly and easily type, for example, an eMail in a different language or to generally change the language that will be used in OnScreenKeys.

OnScreenKeys comes with languages such as Dutch, English, Italian, French, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Rumanian, Greek and many more.


OnScreenKeys works without any problems with any text editor, eMail software or Microsoft Office application. OnScreenKeys is also the ideal onscreen keyboard for an eye tracking system ("Eyetracker") or a head mouse ("Head mouse").