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From Windows 8 on, applications have to follow a strict security guideline if they should be shown in the Windows Metro Area (such as accessibility software). Our products follow these security guidelines and will be shown in the Windows Metro Area. According to Microsoft, other applications (such as eye trackers, head mouses and switch simulators) also have to follow these guidelines if they want to invoke clicks on our products. If they do not, their clicks on our products will be ignored by Windows. If your eye tracker or head mouse can not invoke clicks on our products, please contact your eye tracker's, headmouse's or switch simulator's manufacturer.

On-Screen Keyboard/Text communication software

Multilingual On-Screen Keyboard/Text Communication Software
For Windows 10®, Windows 8®, Windows 7®, Windows Vista® and Windows XP®

[Download OnScreenKeys]
Version 6.0.32, 201 mb

Scanning software

Mouse Scanning Software can be used as a scan module in combination with OnScreenKeys, but is capable of running independently as well.
For Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, Windows 7® and Windows 8®.

[Download OnScreenScan]
Version 1.0.38, 4 mb