Word prediction

OnScreenKeys comes with a dictionary that automatically learns new words as you type them. By the use of the automatic word completion and word prediction function, texts can quickly be typed and be spoken by the computer voice.


OnScreenKeys comes with over 40 languages that the user can quickly switch between in order to communicate in a different language.

Click emulation

OnScreenKeys comes with an auto-click function (hover function) and with a mouse click emulation, by which all kinds of mouse clicks can be performed in any application.

Text macros

With OnScreenKeys, frequently-used phrases can be typed using just two clicks.

Predictive-typing function

With OnScreenKeys, the user can pre-type phrases to use them in the future.

Scan mode

OnScreenKeys has been optimised for use with OnScreenScan. By "ActiveWindowScanning" (scanning per window) and SlowMotionScan (slowing down at the press of a button) the speed of operation can be increased a lot.