Further products



OnScreenCommunicator is a feature-rich and and flexible communication software.
It contains the following features among other things:

  • Flexible graphical user interface
    • Flexible ordering of cells
    • Variable mixing of letter cells, image cells, function cells
    • Symbol library with over 7.000 images
    • Importing of own photos and images possible
    • Any number of cells on a page
    • Any number of pages possible
    • Variable inter-connection of pages
    • Surface editor included, intuitively operatable

  • Fast text communication
    • Word prediction
    • Word auto-completing
    • Most frequent subsequent letter
    • Automatically learning dictionary
    • Text macros
    • Sentence prediction

  • Computer controlling
    • Typing into any window
    • Internet browser and eMail program
    • Auto-Click, can be used in any window on the screen
    • Adjusting the speaker's volume, Switch computer off, Opening any other application

  • Environment control
    • Controlling the TV, shutters, lamps, phone, etc.
    • Compatible with all common environment controls

  • Scan mode
    • Most frequent subsequent letter prediction
    • Mouse scanning over the complete desktop
    • Auditory feedback for blind users

  • Controlling options
    • Touchscreen/Tablet-PC
    • Eye tracker
    • Mouth mouse
    • Head mouse
    • Switch/button (In scan mode), aAuditive Scanning possible

  • Voice output
    • Naturally sounding computer voice
    • SAPI binding
    • Record-Own-Voice function

  • Individual learning strategies
    • Flexible creation of surfaces
    • Learn games
    • Sounding-out function for Aphasia patients

... as well as many other functions and features.
We would be glad to send you a demo.